Thursday, July 20, 2017

Small bathroom ideas design from Oliver Rohde

Stretch the Storage

Look up, if the tiny footprint of a bathroom is maxed out. Utilize a shallow or wall shelf that is recessed without eating up precious floor space to supply storage. In this small toilet, an open dressing table -- chosen to maintain the space light -- demanded careful storage preparation. A ledge along one wall offers display space for pretty soaps and cosmetic things. Over the ledge, a shelving unit displays hand towels, miniature storage containers, and also other bathroom necessities.

Retain Views

An interrupted view is essential to making a small space feel open and inviting. Here, a glass environment from feeling cramped and dark, prevents the shower.

Create Drama

Play for immediate impact with shades as well as textures. This miniature powder room benefits from streamlined storage and a neutral color scheme. The tiled floor, featuring rocks of varying sizes and colours, adds exceptional texture underfoot. A wooden mirror frame is a stunning, nature-inspired focal point above the small vanity.

Custom shower enclosures frameless

Choose Light Surfaces

This bathroom evokes serenity with bright whites and barely-there grey walls. Shimmering mosaic floor tiles add a touch of glamour to the calming space.

Small Bathroom Storage

Storage space is at a premium in smallish bathrooms. See the way to maximize the space you have with a couple clever tricks.

No Wasted Space

Thoughtful planning might help make the most of a tiny bathroom. Study the floor plan carefully and plan storage alternatives according to your preferences and space constraints. Custom built in cabinetry is generally the most suitable choice for maximizing cabinet space. In this bathroom, a row of cabinetry stretches along two walls. Even the corner is good-utilized having a large upper cabinet that maximizes space with a door set on the diagonal.

Stand-Alone Storage

Add standalone storage in your small bath to aid organization and add lots of fashion.

Maximize Natural Light

Optimize the perceived size of a tiny bathroom by sharing space in the outside with the inside. Here, access is provided by a sizable window to beautiful, private views. Two big mirrors hung on opposite walls reflect the view that is outdoor and help the little bath feel open and airy.

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